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How Mo Farah rejected the "plastic Brit" charge

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Mohamed Farah of Great Britain celebrates winning gold in the Men's 10,000m final. Photograph: Getty Images.

"Look, mate, this is my country". Was the Daily Mail listening?

Before the opening of the Olympics, the Daily Mail ran a series of stories on those athletes it called "plastic Brits ". By this ugly term, it referred to those in the British team who were born overseas and later acquired citizenship. Under the guise of reporting a "controversy" (controversial to no one but itself), the paper complained that "11 per cent of the 542-strong squad were born abroad

Saudi Arabia's Olympic females 'not enough'

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Sarah Attar of Saudi Arabia enters the stadium during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium. Attar is one of the first female athletes to compete for Saudi Arabia at the Olympics. (Getty Images)

Human Rights Watch says more needs to be done to address gender discrimination

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 July 2012 10:08

Mike Tyson should not be a guest of honour in UK

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AWMWC joins the ‘Do not spend an evening with a rapist’ campaign calling the Guildhall at Portsmouth to cancel its dinner event where Tyson, a convicted rapist, is invited as a guest of honour. 

Last Updated on Monday, 23 July 2012 02:04

Apple and its Islamophobic Thesaurus

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Arwa Aburawa

Hidden in the Apple Dictionary version 2.0.3 (51.5) © Copyright 2005-2007, is this prejudiced and exasperatingly simplistic description of Islam and the role that women play within the faith. The source appears to be a 1996 CNN article. 

More than 80 per cent of Moroccan women are victims of domestic violence

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Protests in Morocco demanding change of law

By Iqbal Tamimi

A shocking human rights report revealed that more than 82 per cent of Moroccan women are victims of domestic violence, and 52 per cent of recorded incidents of violence against unmarried women are sexual assault.